Der Todesfall

Part 2 of Der Himmel über Kalifornien


When the angels crossed the desert
They fell to earth with burnt wings
They were ashamed because
They believed that they had
Offended god and that she in return
Had somehow punished them

On seeing them fall God said to Gabriel
Those who do not love me I will not love
Death will come to only those
Whom I do love
But to all others eternal life
will be their catastrophe

Earth bound, the angels learned to live
Amongst the reptiles and insects
As their bodies grew to resemble
The reptiles around them the angels grew vain
They learned to build machines
To help them to fly once more

Because the stumps that remained
Where their wings once grew
Reminded them of a time
Of love and joy now forlorn
They believed that the higher they flew
God would love them once more

God laughed at their stupidity
And the angels now feared
Her love as much as
They wished for death
Yet it was the machines
That would die before them